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Investigations, Forensics & Data Mining 

The global financial crisis highlighted once again that greed and a lack of quality processes and controls can lead to significant losses for the modern business. Whilst there are a number of business risk issues to be considered a very controllable one in the form of managing the culture of an organisation can have a direct impact upon the level of loss incurred by a business from within its ranks. Losses in business due to employee or supplier misconduct are increasing due to a loss of focus on controlling staff behaviour, training and in particular the management of financial processes leading to fraud.


Of course it is also true that even in business with impressive and efficient control environments there will be the inevitable case in which employees seek to manipulate business controls for personal gain whether that be through collusion, corruption or other forms of misconduct. The recent slowdown increased the pressure on employees as economic downturn leads to tougher market conditions, higher unemployment and increased costs of living which are key motivations for individual’s to commit fraud.


The ability to adequately respond to a threat or incident with proper investigative or forensic response and with the ability to review large data sets to identify evidence of losses or inappropriate behaviour is paramount to successful civil or criminal action and restitution.


In order to combat this growing threat, organisations need to ensure they have the capability, experience, knowledge and skill to monitor their Information Technology systems and to both proactively and reactively identify and manage the risk of fraud through a combination of data analytics, forensic computing analysis and investigation response. It is clear that as cybercrime, fraud, technology errors and other security threats grow, it becomes of paramount importance that security risks can be identified, measured and their potential impact assessed for inclusion in decision making at all levels.

Our staff have been engaged by a number of clients to undertaken confidential investigations into complex and sensitive allegations for a range of corporate and government organisations. Our experiences in the investigations and law enforcement industry provide us with a unique skill set that has resulted in engagements with the Independent Commission Against Corruption, various NSW and Federal Government Agencies and numerous major law firms to assist in the preparation of statements, the interviewing of witnesses and the security, preservation, collection, verification, analysis and presentation of complex digital evidence.
Our proven approach to risk management and investigations firmly places technology as a business enabling mechanism that must support business objectives and imperatives yet be able to provide the information required upon which to make decisions in a timely manner.

Our approach to working with our clients can be summarised as:

  • Taking a business process driven approach to understanding real operational needs;
  • Bridging the gap between technical details and business management’s notion of risk;
  • Clearly relate identified risks to the real impact of achieving defined business objectives;
  • Provide practical & cost effective recommendations that are suitable for your organisation.

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